The dark stone

By Alberto Conejero 
Director  Ignacio García-Bustelo
Stage & Costume Design Leni Mendez 
September, 2022. 
Theater Repertorio Español NYC

Inside the confines of a cell, one of these unseen moments of war unfolds. Rafael and Sebastián, two men from opposing factions of the Spanish Civil War, reveal secrets over the course of a single night, fighting against a daylight that will bring renewed horror and uncertainty. War separates and betrays, hurts and exposes. War repeats. In this new production of The Dark Stone, Ukrainian and Russian actors shed light on a tale, unfortunately, as old as time. Using projections and live video feed, The Dark Stone exposes the wars we battle within and questions those we fight with others.

Creative Team
Translated by Gary J. Racz
Assistant Director – Valeria Llaneza
Rafael – Zenon Zeleniuch
Sebastián – Andrew KoGolenok 
Set & Costume Design – Leni Mendez 
Projections Design – Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger
Lighting Design – Bruce A! Kraemer
Sound Design – David Lawson 
Allison Kadin – Producer

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