La Apertura

Art Director: Leni Mendez

Director & Script: Duska Zagorac

Co production Argentina & UK.

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Daniel is about to get it all: the girl, the dream, the way out of his poor Buenos Aires neighbourhood. There is only one problem. He has to betray his best friend.

director’s notes
La Apertura was inspired by a group of young tango dancers I befriended some years ago in Buenos Aires. For them, tango was a passion, raison d’être, but also a way out of their poverty.

I was also intrigued by the mystical concept of the tanguero. Tanguero does not only mean a tango dancer. It goes far beyond the steps and technical ability and may be described as a state of soul. There is passion, seduction, romanticism in a tango soul but there is also a great deal of nostalgia, suffering and regret for innocence lost.

As the film progresses, it becomes more subjective and dark. One of the first images I had in my mind was an old painting I once saw of a man playing bandaneon. At his feet were serpents wallowing in mud and crawling up his legs, suggesting the treacherous character of tango.

As Daniel surrenders his soul to passion, he also becomes treacherous and this dual act becomes his initiation into the tango soul.

Nominated for the Silver LIon for the Best Short Film
Venice Film Festival

Best of the Festival Audience Award
Zinebi Festival of Documentary and Short Film

Official selection (selected festivals):
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival
Cinequest Film Festival
Seagate Foyle Film Festival
DIBA Film Festival
Seattle Film Festival
Arcipelago Film Festival
River Film Festival
Aye Aye Film Festival
Silhouette Film Festival
Ismailia International Film Festival
Cinefilia Tanguera Cagliari, Sitges, Moscow, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Jordan

Distribution: Future Shorts, Channel 4


Skills: Art, Costume Design, Stage Design