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Void Auttumn Lab show: TruthOrDare
Rebecca Lloyd-Jones,Julia Cavagna,Yokko,Leah Beltran,Lauren Lamalino,
Keelie Sheridan,Marie Putko,Clarissa Hoffman
Musician:Emilio Cordero
Graphic design:Francisco Galarraga
Photos: Jorge Luna
Leni Mendez

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November 30 show the item produced in the fall VoidLab

Capricho – Why Not? (Whim)

Void durante el mes de agosto esta experimentando diferentes stages y jugar con distintos formatos.
Galeria Marina Reiter- Lower East Side NY

Void during August are experiencing different stages and play with different formats.
Marina Reiter Gallery Lower East Side NY

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Se presentaron los dos videos Pulsation & Olvido en la Gallería Marina Reiter como parte de un colectivo de artistas donde fui invitada de manera individual y como directora de Void Theater Company.


Pulsation & Olvido two videos in the Galleria Marina Reiter as part of a collective of artists where I was invited individually and as director of Void Theater Company presented.


Gallery poster



Grupo Caida

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-17 a la(s) 2.26.04 PMAquí estamos todos reunidos antes de la función.

Excelente experiencia en Quito!

Here we are all together before the show.

Excellent experience in Quito!Captura de pantalla 2014-04-17 a la(s) 2.19.32 PM

With JR

J R has set up a photo truck in Times Square, which through Friday is taking people’s portraits and instantly printing them on giant posters.

Active participation in the work of an artist like myself looking to put the body to sevice and exchange with others from one’s self.